April 2018


Whales And Dolphins Watching

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The vast marine outlets attract all groups of dolphins and whales during the annual migration that continues on the shores of Oman.

Dolphins & Whales

Dolphins are easier to find than the bigger whales as they tend to swim in larger groups and surface more frequently. Splashes made by performing dolphins are often the first thing you will see. Some, such as the commonly encountered spinner dolphin, leap over 3 m into the air, before slapping back down onto the water’s surface.There is no single location at which you are most likely to see cetaceans in oman. Patient observers anywhere at sea may eventually be rewarded. However, as an initial guide, many are seen in dhofar and around its offshore islands, which seems to be the area of greatest potential for whale -watching. The waters immediately off muscat, however, are where the majority of whales have been seen.

Close encounters with whales are not unusual along oman’s rich and varied shores. Together with their cousins, the dolphins, there may be as many as 22 species that inhabit or pass through the seas of the sultanate.

In some areas, it is possible to regularly encounter hundreds of spinner dolphins mixed with schools of common dolphins. Boats become surrounded by a sea alive with dolphins, leaping, spinning, somersaulting and generally frolicking around. Risso’s dolphins, false killer whales and perhaps pilot whales may race past, or come in close to bowride. Bottlenose and indo-pacific humpback dolphins are regularly seen and exciting, close up views of humpback, bryde’s, sei, minke and sperm whales have thrilled many an avid observer.

Snorkeling and Diving Trips

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At Al Sansool we conduct many snorkeling and diving trips as per our clients requests or as part of our programs.

That the hometown beaches and bays and the magical beauty lies between the blue sea and the coast of white sand, where the inside of this coast is rich in the wealth of underwater flora and all the coral reefs, diverse marine organisms in which they live.

You will truly enjoy the clean waters and the sea life at the shores of Oman, if you’re looking for a good time at the sea then look nowhere else as Al Sansool got you covered, with an experienced crew that served a few hundreds of clients over the years, you will truly get your money’s worth for it.


Fishing Trip Guests

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Guests from various countries enjoy their time fishing with Al Sansool, they were pleased with the experience having discovered a fun part of Oman.

Enjoy fishing on the coast of oman with long and non-polluting clean water, which is on the rise all fish species, including surface and bottom, to the enormous abundance of nutrition and protection of marine fisheries, which made the variety and availability of fish in the waters of the sultanate of oman attractive fishing net.

Our team alsansool is experienced field in a long time on fishing for all fish species, and knowledge of the seasons and the identification of suitable fishing places