Al Sansool

A Alsansool sea tour is a premier marine sea tours operator since 2008 in Sultanate of Oman.

The agency office is located in marina Bandar Alrowad compound complex and based marine tourism operating from marina Bandar al Alrowad.

Giving the Omani experience is at the heart of the company.

Alsansool sea tour concentrates on the key elements of Marine activities such as Boating excursions, Island excursions, Snorkeling activities and much more.

Al Sansool is a mix of local Arabic experience and culture with western sport fishing. This blend makes for a perfect match of tradition and innovation.

To give you a bit information about Al Sansool, Al Sansool is a local Arabic word for fish that called Al-Shiraa and in English we call it “Sailfish”. Our logo is based on the beauty of this type of large marine fish that lives in the depths of Oman’s waters.

As for the workers under the banner of the Al Sansool they have long experience in the area of the sea and do the work of all marine time activities and hobbies, for you to enjoy all the programs related to water sports.

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  • Boat Tours

  • Water Sports

  • Snorkeling

  • English and Arabic Speaking Crew

  • Dine With Your Catch

  • Experience Sunny Oman

What We Do

We offer daily tours

Experienced Omani captain on board to give you a joyful and informative experience.

Coastal Trip

Enjoy the scenic beauty of Oman’s coastline in a boat cruising over the pristine waters of Oman’s capital area. Follow the coast and enter the natural harbor of Muscat, Royal palace Qasr Al Alam, 16th century Portuguese forts of Mirani and Jalali, experience the breathtaking views of Al Bustan palace hotel, Qantab fishing village, Bandar Jassah and Shangri-La hotel.

Dolphins Experience

Encounter an unforgettable experience for your entire life with dolphins.

Oman sea is full with massive marine life especially watching dolphins around.

Dolphins can be seen all seasons in Oman; enjoy observing them swimming, playing, and hunting tuna, mackerel and sardines.

These beautiful creatures can be observed in almost any spot such as shores, and are not limited to a single spot.

We are exceptionally fruitful in locating dolphins, however, there is no ensure that each trip guarantees sighting dolphins.

Sunset Trip

Discover numerous scenes that Oman has to offer such as the history, heritage, and the beautifully built Portuguese Architectures in Old Muscat.

Relax and observe the sunset in the ocean hiding slowly behind the golden mountains in a breath-taking view.

Just as the transformation of water turning into a beautiful golden color while we follow back the journey back to the marina with unforgettable memories.

Ending your day with this amazing sunset cruise is the best.

Snorkeling in Bandar Kairan

Discover the secrets of Oman’s under water ream.

Bandar Kairan a secluded cove just 25 minutes boat ride from Muscat offering a wide variety of fish, colorful coral reef and large number of mangrove trees that form a sanctuary for lobsters, shrimps and other fish.

You can swim over, among exotic tropical fish and other reef dwellers on our ecological under water safaris.

The crystal waters allow snorkelers unrivaled and unobstructed views of the abundant under water life.

Fishing Trip

Oman sea is rich with variety of fish including Mahi Mahi (Dorodo), Yellowfin Tuna, Blufin Tuna and Barracuda.

Our Omani captains have a sound knowledge about best fishing spots in Muscat waters on the day. Boats are professionally equipped with fishing gears.

Enjoy fishing experience in the stunning waters of Oman on board ‘Big cache; Muscat’s premier sea tours organizer Alsansool tours game fishing charter boat.

It is recommend that you always wear a hat, sunscreen and clothing which will protect you from the sun.

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