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AlKhudhur Al Maashari

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Son of Captain Salim Al Maashari.

AlKhudhur earned his passion of the sea from his father, he’s also aspiring to continue running the business alongside him.

He’s a friendly fellow and is always at side assisting tourists in fishing as well snorkeling activities, he’s well knowledgeable in various other areas including automotive engineering.

Salim Al Mashari

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The owner and captain of Al Sansool tours.

Salim Al Mashari is a local native citizen of Oman with an extensive knowledge and experience with the surrounding sea life, he’s a successful fisherman and knows the waters around Oman like the back of his hands.

With his chill personality, Salim likes to show his guests a good time at the sea, so do not hesitate to ask him any questions as he’s more than willing to wash away all your doubts.